Our Partners

The shareholders of SMB-Winning Consortium: (from left to right) Mr Fadi Wazni, General Manager, UMS, Guinea; Mr Zhang Bo, The Chairman of Weiqiao Pioneering Group(Hongqiao), China; Mr Sun Xiushun, the President of Winning International Group, Singapore and Mr Ji Shaobo, The President of Yantai Port, China.


Winning International Group

Winning International Group is a diversified corporation with business interests in areas including Ship Owning, Shipping Operation, Marine Transshipment, Ship Management, Mining Development and Railroad Construction. Headquartered in Singapore, the company offers services to clientele around the globe through its branches and subsidiaries at places such as Beijing and Qingdao, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Guinea. Committed to expanding its global businesses and projects, the Winning International Group of today has risen as a world-leading bauxite transportation provider. The company’s ocean transportation fleet consists of a pair of 58,000 DWT Handymax bulk carriers, a single 91,000 DWT super-Panamax bulk carrier, and 32 Capesize bulk carriers ranging between 170,000 to 210,000 in DWT, totaling a transportation capacity of 6.06 million deadweight tons. The logistics fleet includes six large-scale floating crane platforms, a pair of FCT platforms, and nearly a hundred barges, ocean tugboats, harbor assistant tugboats, replenishment tankers and maritime transshipment systems comprised of floating docks. In 2014, Winning International Group teamed up with China Hongqiao Group, Guinean company UMS SA and the Port of Yantai, China, and established the SMB-Winning Consortium to enter the mining, exploration, port construction and logistics business. In November 2015, the first shipment of 180,000 tons of bauxite arrived at the Port of Yantai, thereby signifying the completion of the development of an astonishing seafaring route 11,400 nautical miles in length. Under the leadership of Winning International Group and the dedicated diligence of the consortium, today Guinea has replaced Australia as China’s largest bauxite supplier. At present, three major conventions signed between the SMB-Winning Consortium and the government of Guinea, pertaining to mining, railroad and alumina production, have all been unanimously approved by the National Assembly of Guinea, the railroad project was formally launched in March this year.


China Hongqiao Group Limited

China Hongqiao Group Limited (China Hongqiao or the Group; Stock code: 1378) is a leading aluminum product manufacturer in China. Located in Shandong Province of China, the Group is mainly engaged in the production and sales of molten aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy casting-rolling products and aluminum busbars. With large scale operations, advanced technology, competitive cost structure, visionary strategy of industrial chain expansion and experienced management team, the Group has successfully strengthened its leading market position, sustaining its business growth and unique competitive edges.


UMS, Guinea

UMS is above all the first integrated logistics company in Guinea. Thanks to a high-end service, tailor-made and a particular commitment to quality, UMS has risen to the top of the transport companies in the region. With its large, comprehensive and growing fleet, its professional and experienced team, and a financial stability that is well established, UMS is now proud to be a partner of the largest national projects. 100% Guinean company, with 95% of national employees, it does not miss to comply with international standards of quality, health, safety and environment.UMS, the local company with international reach!


Yantai Port Group Co., Ltd.

Yantai Port Group Co., Ltd. operates a terminal port in China. Its port has 88 berths for various purposes, including 45 deep-water berths for vessels of over 10,000 DWT with total dock coastline of 15,000m; a total area of 3.81 million m2 for warehouses and yards; and 49.5km of railway special line and 34 vessels. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Yantai, China.The current cargo mixture of Yantai Port consists of backbone categories (including bauxite, oil products, iron ore and coal) and some other cargoes such as fertilizer, timber and steel products.